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Several Services to Help You Generate Powerful, Meaningful Change for Success!

Clear Transition Strategies offers 3 particular services, each tailored to your needs: certified coaching, consulting, and workshop or course facilitating. We cater to business leaders, organizational teams, non-profit organizations, faith communities, interest groups, and individuals seeking to create powerful, meaningful change in life and work.

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ICF, Board, and Gestalt-certified Coach Lisa Withrow is available to discuss what is on your mind for your life-transitions or your working needs. An initial, exploratory conversation determines if a partnership between us is the right fit for what you hope to accomplish. Conflict management? Creating more effective teams? Making a difficult decision? Not sure what is next vocationally? Can’t identify a problem that is holding you or your team back? Contact Lisa to discuss the possibilities for a coaching engagement, where we hone in on the issues and determine a way forward – together.


Lisa Withrow, Bonnie Forsman, Michelle McGregor, and Sandy Selby are ready to provide consultative services for organizations interested in one or more of these areas: conflict management, leadership development, team development, scenario-building, strategic planning, secondary trauma with front-line workers, mind-body trauma recovery, polarity management, compassion fatigue, spiritual concerns, and fostering imagination for change. What do you need to do next for success? What is holding you and your team back? How can you organize for the future? How do you build individual and organizational resilience and adaptability? Contact Lisa to discuss possibilities for a consulting event or series by one of us, tailored to your needs.

Workshops and Courses

Lisa Withrow, Bonnie Forsman, Sandy Selby, and Michelle McGregor partner with organizations, teams, or common-interest groups to facilitate deeper understanding of principles for powerful, meaningful change. Workshops are short (1-6 hours). They focus on raising awareness, learning skill sets relevant to the group’s or team’s work, and then practicing them. Courses are longer (2-6 modules) diving deeper into the topic you choose, teaching from current research and developing up-to-date best practices. What do you want to learn to move ahead successfully? What is the next development you hope to make for your life or your work, and how will you do it? What knowledge and skill sets are important to develop for your goals? Contact Lisa for information and topic/eadership preferences (Bonnie, Sandy, or Michelle) to discuss topics for workshops or courses tailored to your needs.

As my coach, Lisa helped me explore and work through a BIG life transition.  Her thoughtful questions and powerful intuition has helped me better understand who I am and how I want to show up.  She has helped me shape my dilemmas in a way that I can now get myself unstuck.  She even worked with me to come up with my business motto.  It is a motto that holds such significance for me and I am certain that without her coaching presence it would have never emerged. I am grateful for Lisa’s meaningful contributions to my personal growth and awareness and would highly recommend her as a coach.

M., Small Business Owner and Business Coach

Lisa R Withrow is a thoughtful and thought provoking coach. Always asking the questions that move one into a deeper understanding in any given situation. Always ready to help one find the appropriate resources for the desired next step. I feel that I am a better leader through Lisa’s coaching.

Nancy S, Clergy

Let’s make something beautiful together.