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Dr. Lisa Withrow

A Certified Coach, Consultant, and Trainer/Workshop Leader for Individuals, Leaders, and Teams in Transition

Specialties for Transitions

Conflict and Polarity Management, Leadership and Change Workshops, Navigating Liminal Space, Academic Teaching in Higher Education – Leadership Studies

Gestalt Coaching (certified), Team Coaching (accredited)

Serving businesses, teams, non-profits, religious organizations, and individuals

Powerful, Meaningful Change for Life and Work

Finding your way through transition to a better future

Transitions can be difficult on the way to a new future. And they are necessary for growth.

Clear Transition Strategies can help navigate the path through coaching, consulting, and teaching in life and work, resulting in powerful, positive change that authentically reflects meaning in life and work.

Our Purpose

Providing Coaching and Consulting Committed to Powerful, Meaningful Change Through Times of Transition

Service for Your Success

How can Clear Transition Strategies uniquely help you?

Coaching through transitional times with powerful questions, raising a new awareness about what a meaningful future can be in light of changing needs, conflict, or performance.

Who do you choose to be? Where do you want to go?

Consulting and leading workshops, providing perspectives and tools that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

What are you trying to see more clearly? What matters most? How do you move to authentic meaning-making in work and life?

Discover Our Services

Coaching for individuals, leaders, and teams – Consulting for organizations and leaders – Workshops for groups, work teams, or emerging leadership themes

Services for Individuals, Leaders, and Teams

Coaching – asking powerful questions for positive change: one-on-one for individual transitions or performance investment; leaders for direction and next productive steps; teams for quality work in service of stakeholders

Consulting – bringing expertise in leadership and transitional work: organizations for questions or challenges preventing next-level excellence, leaders for getting the most out of their teams and stakeholders

Workshops – facilitating ongoing learning in your areas of expertise and growth: groups for areas of interest based on a theme; work teams for developing imaginative solutions and skill sets; leaders for emerging best practices and innovative edges


Lisa uses her masterful intuition coupled with her own journey of developing deep self-awareness to thoughtfully partner with clients in a way that accelerates transitions and facilitates a journey into new ways of being.  Because of Lisa’s innate talents, I have benefited time and time again from her partnership in my own quest to get out of my own way and move towards living into my greatest gifts. 


Lisa Withrow did a great job speaking to the Philadelphia Society of People and Strategy – South Jersey LAN about Leading in a VUCA World today! She created great energy in applying a Polarity Tool that was new to many of the participants. Her shared expertise and lots of insightful information provided a framework for not just surviving, but thriving in all of the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. There is light in the darkness and clarity in the murky depths. Thank you, Lisa! I look forward to partnering with you again!

PSPS: Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy

Debbie D., Owner, DD Coaching and Consulting – Southern NJ

With Lisa as my coach, I found myself uncovering personal insights and practical takeaways that had not surfaced independently. As a leader and professional with a fast paced schedule, I may not stop for lunch or a full night’s sleep let alone take such needed, essential time to focus on myself, recalibrate, and revisit my goals and needs. The time with Lisa provided a valuable, much needed pause. She seemed to naturally and intuitively support where I needed to be, in parallel with challenging me to propel forward or reframe my experience to meet my intentions for our coaching sessions.


Very recently, I hit a very difficult vocational cross-road, demanding that I make life-altering decisions. Dr. Withrow agreed to accompany me on that tricky, decisional path and thanks to her competent and compassionate guidance, I was able to make the right turn. She just knows how to pull the difficult truth out of you; and when you experience that, you know you have been blessed with the guidance of a master coach.



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